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Managed IT is very popular right now, but what is it that makes it so beneficial for the companies that choose to use it? Why do so many firms outsource their operations to a third party and get them to do all the heavy lifting for them? 

Intuition tells you that you should run your IT operations in-house. After all, doing so would appear to give you more control. 

Unfortunately, implementing IT solutions is tough, and unless you’ve got the right expertise by your side, it can be an uphill battle. It soon becomes clear that using a managed IT service is just as essential as using accountants. Third-party specialists like Integrated Solutions have the knowledge you need and help you avoid going to the hassle of doing the job yourself. 

Integrated Solutions’ managed IT services offer businesses of all sizes a host of benefits. Take a look at some of the advantages that you can expect for your company below: 

Make Your Business More Efficient And Productive

Fiddling around troubleshooting IT issues probably isn’t your idea of fun. You’ve got more important things to do besides worrying about whether your network is running optimally. What’s more, your team can do without the hassle of constant problems with their computers. IT issues invariably lead to frustration and makes it difficult to do good work. 

Managed IT services help you to avoid these issues in several ways. 

First, they provide troubleshooting support whenever you need it. It’s a fact of the current computing era that not all systems work together in perfect harmony. Issues can crop up all the time. As a business owner, however, you don’t want these problems taking up your precious time. Integrated Solutions provides a team of experts who can diagnose the problem and come up with a fix, freeing up your time to focus on the things that really matter to your business. 

Secondly, they optimize your systems. Getting your IT infrastructure to work at its best is a challenge. It involves ensuring that you have sufficient bandwidth, software compatibilities, and defenses against malware. It also means ensuring that your physical hardware is up to the task. Managed IT professionals, therefore, look for bottlenecks in your system that could be slowing it down and help to make it snappier. By removing things that are slowing your IT down, you can make employees both happier and more productive. 

Thirdly, they help you create an IT environment that meets the needs of your company. Instead of making do with generic solutions, a managed IT services company can help you to design something custom fit, aligned with your strategic objectives. In today’s competitive marketplace, having an efficient and productive network is essential for long-term success. 

Get All The Support You Need For One Monthly Rate

Running your IT operations in-house is expensive and full of challenges. As a business, you can either direct existing employees to work through problems or hire full-time salaried workers. Most company executives know that the first option isn’t a good idea. The people you employ want to perform the roles you hired them for; they don’t want to fiddle around with your network. 

The second option isn’t a good idea, either. The cost is, of course, the main obstacle. Hiring a single IT professional to oversee your computer systems can run into tens of thousands of dollars per year. But there’s another problem: you often need a team of professionals to provide support, not just one person. It’s unlikely that a single individual will be able to do all of the things that you need them to do. Costs, therefore, can rise enormously when you decide to go in-house. 

None of this applies to managed IT services. Here you get the expertise of an entire team of specialist IT professionals for a low monthly fee. There are no salaries to pay, no payroll admin, and, importantly, no risk. If and when a problem arises, the IT agency releases a technician with the required skills to deal with the issue, no matter what it is. With managed IT support, you can get the benefits of a team of computer experts all for the cost of less than a single salaried employee. No wonder it’s proving so popular. 

Get IT That Serves Your Business Goals

Executives know that generic IT services can only take their businesses so far. If they want to achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivity, they have to embrace custom solutions. The problem with in-house IT, however, is that you rarely have the expertise you need to put customized IT networks, software, and hardware into action. Linking them up with the intrinsic processes of your company is a significant technical challenge. 

Managed IT services, however, can help you overcome these hurdles. IT services provide the technical support you require to enable you to create solutions that serve the needs of your business directly. With the right partner, you can attain your goals and achieve excellence. 

Mitigate The Risks You Face

Your company faces a host of risks to the integrity of its IT. Everything from malicious attacks to bugs can lead to expensive downtime and waste. Something as simple as misconfigured settings could be preventing you from extracting maximum value from your computer investments. 

Managed IT services help to prevent these issues from ever arising. High-quality IT services put measures in place to protect against hackers and malicious action by other stakeholders. Professionals continually monitor your IT assets, looking for any sign of a breach or a compromise to your security. They can also provide advice, training, and preventive action to help your employees avoid inadvertently compromising security. 

Managed IT services are also incredibly good at ensuring that you avoid downtime because of technical errors. Data loss and unwanted server shutdowns can happen with surprising regularity. However, companies that have managed IT services supporting them can make faster recoveries and get back to “business as usual” quicker. 

What Services Do You Get With Managed IT?

When you choose to use a managed IT company, you get a host of incredible services designed to increase efficiency, productivity, and uptime. 

Cyber Security

Protecting your network against intruders is a full-time job. Basic antivirus and firewall software isn’t up to the task. What’s more, the threat of breaches is real. We’ve seen how hackers have managed to compromise the security of dozens of high-profile businesses over the last few years. You don’t want to join them.

High quality managed IT services give you real-time, human-based support to bolster your existing cybersecurity apparatus. With additional monitoring and active network security protocols, you can protect your data as best as you possibly can. 

Business Compliance

Remaining compliant with today’s regularly requirements is a substantial challenge. What’s more, many regulations are becoming increasingly technically demanding, especially those regarding the treatment of data.

Many firms, therefore, choose to work with professionals who can provide the technical support that they require to make sure that their IT remains compliant. Health care organizations, for instance, rely on IT support to ensure proper compliance with HIPAA standards. Other companies must comply with state and federal data protection regulations. 

Data Backup And Recovery

Most companies rely on data. Data loss, however, is a real threat, which is why so many businesses have backup systems in place, just in case the worst happens. Managing this in-house, however, can be a major challenge. 

With managed IT services, you can hand this labor-intensive task over to somebody else. Integrated Solutions carries out the backing up automatically, either in the cloud or locally on your premises. Managed IT services can also facilitate recovery, doing the legwork for you. 

IT Project Management

Implementing a new IT project requires the assistance of numerous professionals. While you could go to the expense of hiring an IT project manager and team, it’s often far better value to simply use a managed IT service instead. Third-party professionals like Integrated Solutions provide the leadership your organization needs to make IT projects a reality.

Cloud Computing

Moving your IT network to the cloud offers a host of benefits. The biggest advantage is the ability to access company documents from anywhere, not just the office. 

Cloud computing also offers other benefits, including making backup and recovery more straightforward, and automatic updates. 

Email Services

Companies need reliable, intuitive, and rapid email services to enable colleagues to communicate with each other and clients. Creating email solutions for an organization is often more involved than many executives imagine. It’s not just a matter of opening a series of email accounts, but creating a flexible system that allows you to add and remove emails, set permissions, and monitor traffic. 

Managed IT services are one of the most celebrated innovations in the digital space. They enable companies to dramatically reduce the cost of their IT operations while at the same time, getting a much higher quality and range of services.

Isn’t it time you take advantage of managed IT services? Don’t waste more time and money on attempting to go it along. Get full access to a dedicated team of IT specialists with their resources and many years of expertise. Contact Integrated Solutions today for a free IT assessment!

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