How a Security Operations Center works

A Security Operations Center monitors, investigates, and responds to any cyber threats that might impact your business’s data 24/7. Some of the data assets that are commonly monitored include:

  • Intellectual property assets
  • Personnel data
  • Proprietary marketing information
  • Customer or patient private information
  • Third-party vendor information
  • And more

The SOC will gain access from you all of these valuable assets, wherever they might live: in the cloud or within the four walls of your office. They ensure there are no “blind spots” of possible entry points into your data repositories and recommend remediation and actions to pull that data into a better environment in which to be monitored. They will regularly log all activity that takes place on your network so that they can refer to it later in the event of a breach. 

This type of continuous data monitoring is often too big a job for a solitary IT manager or a small team of IT experts. For this reason, companies are increasingly outsourcing their network security to trusted experts like Integrated Solutions of Birmingham, Alabama.