Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Integrated Solutions for my data security needs?

Integrated Solutions has been in business for over 25 years. We know technology, we know cybersecurity, and we understand how to manage your IT solutions better than anyone else in the state of Alabama. Our experienced analysts and technicians are guided by our corporate philosophy of always doing the right thing for our clients. We delight in giving our customers peace of mind that their IT infrastructure’s management and protection are in the best hands possible. 

We’ve never been subject to a cyber attack before. Why should I worry about this now?

Because the risks of a cyber attack are so grave and vast, it used to be that companies were only worried about stolen money with regard to cyber-attacks. But today’s cyberattacks can also knock out employee productivity by taking a system down for a prolonged period; not to mention the loss of intellectual property or the violation of customer or patient protected data you and your compliance teams have vowed to keep safe. A Security Operations Center has all your bases covered.

How difficult is it to get started? We are not technical experts.

No one in your company needs to be technologically savvy to work with Integrated Solutions – that’s what we’re here for! We know how to get the information we need to protect your data assets, and because we’ve helped hundreds of clients, we have proven systems in place to know exactly how to service your particular line of business.

How can I justify the cost of using a company to monitor my data assets?

The dramatic increase in cybercrime in recent years is due to a change in the types of threats hackers have thought up. In the past, they might have targeted specific user accounts or equipment; now, hackers utilize more sophisticated algorithms that permit them to target whole organizations. Bottom line: it is much more costly to investigate and recover from a cyber-attack than put protections into place upfront.