By Aaron Woods, Chief Technology Officer


IT performance was put to the test during the pandemic, and managed IT services came out a clear winner. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, forcing business closings and requiring abrupt changes in workflow processes, Integrated Solutions customers had a big advantage over many of their competitors. Their systems were already served by experts of a managed IT services team committed to excellence in customer service. Integrated Solutions IT pros quickly provided software solutions to help business leaders manage challenges such as a sudden shift to a remote workforce, virtual meetings and conferences and other dramatic pandemic-related workflow interruptions. It takes skill and a dedication to service to satisfy customer IT needs, and we have both at Integrated Solutions.

Managed IT services are more popular than ever as more businesses realize they need an entire IT team to help them protect their data and grow their businesses. At Integrated Solutions, we provide you with an experienced, dedicated team to manage your IT, protect your data and integrate the latest systems that will save you time and money. 

Five advantages of Managed IT services provided by Integrated Solutions

1. You have senior-level IT expertise at your side 24/7, 365 days a year  

Every company’s IT system needs to be backed by a team of experts, a team that knows the ins and outs of your IT system and has an in-depth knowledge of a diverse range of IT solutions. The Integrated Solutions team focuses on providing outstanding customer service, and our account managers and technicians go to great lengths to ensure systems are running smoothly. When an issue arises, or there’s a need for upgrades, your Integrated Solutions managed IT services team is on it – right away. This anticipatory service keeps IT interruptions to a minimum; our technology is configured to flag a technician any time a potential vulnerability of any type is spotted.

2. Expert IT management is provided at a monthly rate, ending the IT budgeting guessing game  

When you have a designated team of IT experts, you can accurately budget for IT expenses and don’t have to guess what a fix will cost if something goes wrong. Most  IT problems are unexpected and call for rapid response – all hands on deck, so to speak. With Integrated Solutions running your systems, you can count on highly qualified and accessible specialized expertise to deal with any challenge your system faces. If your system isn’t protected by the newest technology and backed by expert IT talent, it’s impossible to anticipate what your IT costs will be. Our managed IT provides exceptional service for a monthly fee. You’ll pay less than a typical IT pro salary, and you get top-level specialists.

3. Your business gets top-notch Cybersecurity services

Cybersecurity is now listed as one of the highest paying careers for college grads. That’s because cybersecurity is non-negotiable. Your system is either served by a proven cybersecurity system built on advanced technology, or it’s at greater risk for compromise. Cybersecurity is a full-time job, and it needs to be managed by a professional who focuses solely on cybersecurity. The Integrated Solutions team has that cybersecurity talent on board, serving our clients every day. In-house IT managers rarely have the time available to research and monitor cybersecurity threats and opportunities because they are consumed with the day-to-day tasks associated with managing the business’s IT.

4. Your IT systems are in the hands of experts in the field of business compliance

The healthcare industry is especially cautious about protecting patient data and privacy. It’s not an option. Privacy and data protection are required, and there are stiff HIPAA penalties for non-compliance. Ask any professional who’s been hit with a charge of non-compliance, and they’ll likely tell you they had no clue their data was being compromised. There’s a big difference in knowing the rules and knowing how to optimize your IT systems to comply with regulations at every turn. Managed IT will do that for you.

Our compliance experts work with healthcare systems and other businesses with sensitive security issues daily. In fact, no matter the field of work, we treat all customer data as if data security is a top priority, because it is. A managed IT professional can also protect against threats from within your company. A rogue employee can break all the rules with a few clicks if your system is not properly configured to keep all intruders out. It takes an expert to put in place checks and systems that protect proprietary processes, compliance checklists and other company records safe from tampering or theft.

Your managed IT partner assumes the responsibility for data security and privacy compliance. The Integrated Solutions team has specialists with deep compliance experience and expertise.

5. We speak your language

We know all the jokes and jabs about technology pros being geeks who can’t communicate. But at Integrated Solutions, the opposite is true. Our consultants and technicians know how to communicate. They are trained to interact with customers in terms that make sense, and they don’t try to impress by tossing around tech jargon that only makes matters worse when there’s an issue that needs attention. We are also great listeners. Technology can play a major role in helping your business on many fronts, and by listening to needs, we are able to create the most responsive, customized solutions possible.

Increasingly, companies are turning to managed IT for turnkey services that protect their businesses and introduce customized IT systems built to serve and help our customers meet their business goals. We never forget that our success depends on providing customers with seamless IT solutions that ensure their success.

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