Businesses and their employees are facing an increasing threat. Over the month of March, one company tracked the frequency of cyberattacks as growing by 37%, while phishing attempts increased by a staggering 600%. This drastic increase in cyber crime is undoubtedly due to the coronavirus panic sweeping the world.

These rising numbers may be related to medical care centers being overwhelmed, as healthcare providers are one of the most common targets of cyber attacks. But with businesses flooding to remote operations, and adopting new systems in the process, many other companies are also left with vulnerabilities hackers can exploit. 

For that reason, we’re going to look at ways to protect your business and your data from the influx of cyber attacks. Here are some key points on how to guard against hackers and strengthen your cybersecurity.

hacker in a dark hoodie holds a tablet surrounded by glitchy pixels

Equipment and Setup

First, you need to ensure that every piece of hardware you use is secured and that the software your team operates on is private. Your teams should not be using public Wi-Fi channels to access work tools, as they can easily be piggybacked by others watching the network. Private hotspots or encrypted networks should be used instead.

Similarly, you need to invest in the right security software for all of the devices that connect to your data. This includes professional-level anti-malware software, firewalls, and end-to-end encryption. And it’s more important than ever that all members of your team use strong passwords and multi-factor authentication for logins and access to sensitive resources.

Many businesses are finding solutions like VPNs, which provide private, encrypted networks, and Cloud computing, which can provide secure remote data and software access, extremely useful as secure solutions for remote workers.

Educate Your Team

Although you should always use strong anti-malware protection, software alone won’t be able to provide comprehensive cybersecurity for your business. Hackers rely on human error for a large number of their attacks to work.

Phishing attacks are one of the most common types of cyber attacks, and they are enabled by human error. Even many ransomware or DDoS attacks are enabled because hackers first employ phishing tactics to gain access to your system. A phishing attack convinces an employee to open an email attachment or click an ad or link that then downloads a virus, or to disclose private information that puts you at risk.

Human error can create some pretty big holes in a net that otherwise catches all kinds of cybersecurity threats. To make sure that your employees don’t make these holes, they have to be trained to recognize phishing scams and other threats. They should also be trained and receive regular reminders on how to exercise proper password safety, to not delay trusted software updates and patches when they become available, and to access business data only when using secured software, hardware, and networks that have been approved by you and your IT team. Following these practices will help your employees become an asset to your company’s security. 

Risk Assessment and Awareness

The tips above can (and should) be applied to every business. However, each business has its own IT scope and uses different devices, software, and networks to do its work. This means that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to cybersecurity. You need to know what your business’s specific risks are and how you’re going to address them. 

With the help of a risk assessment team, you can create a cyber risk profile that analyzes every aspect of your IT’s scope. It can simulate phishing scams and scan your external networks and your email exposure to determine how easily your system can be breached. Once you find your vulnerabilities, you can make the changes to security technology you use, policies and procedures, and training offered to employees to fill any gaps in your security and strengthen your protection.

Partner with Integrated Solutions Cybersecurity Experts

If you want to ensure that your company is equipped with comprehensive cyber protection against the barrage of current attacks, then it’s best to work with experts who are equipped to help you build it. As an IT company specializing in comprehensive cybersecurity services, we can help you set up and personalize your security systems from start to finish.

With the help of Integrated Solutions’ cybersecurity experts, you can ensure you get the proper IT setup with the security technologies you need, the employee training that keeps your team sharp, and the ongoing risk assessments that address and resolve threats that may be lurking in your current setup.