Cyberattacks being managed by Managed IT Services from Integrated Solutions

By Curtis Woods, President


Let’s face it–dealing with IT issues can be intimidating and frustrating to the non-technical executive. 

That said, there’s never been a more important time in history to ensure that the right people are looking after the right things at the right time regarding your IT infrastructure. 

Consider these facts:

  1. COVID-19 is blamed for a 238% increase in cyberattacks. 
  2. 350,000 new pieces of malware are now being detected every day.
  3. These IT dangers require a 24/7/365 monitoring and remediation strategy, which most in-house IT teams are incapable of providing.

You can likely make the case that your organization needs the assistance of a trusted IT consulting group that protects your organization’s assets and intellectual property from the threat of IT breaches. In addition, that same trusted IT company should also provide managed IT services that allow you and your staff to focus on your business, not on the infrastructure of your business. 

So allow me to share with you my thoughts on the top three reasons today’s organizations need to look long and hard at outsourcing their IT tasks.

Cybersecurity protection: not for the faint of heart


You have no doubt been hearing an increase of instances in the press where cyberattacks have breached major companies’ security walls. Cyber Security Magazine estimates that cybercrime costs will grow by 15% over the next five years. The damage a company incurs with cyber-attacks are not only financial but also a combination of the following:

  • Destruction of valuable company data, including protected customer information
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Fraud & embezzlement
  • Major disruption to everyday business operations in the form of lost productivity 

Given the statistics and all of the dangerous threats of a cyber attack, you can see that cybersecurity is not something to be taken lightly. Protection against cyber-attacks requires a constant state of awareness of the very latest cybersecurity tactics, ongoing patches to your IT configuration, and a strong response and remediation plan to ensure that you are always one step ahead of digital predators. 

Can your current IT team handle this workload and expertise? If not, it might be time to call a business like Integrated Solutions. We can do a free analysis of your IT systems’ vulnerability and make recommendations for actions we can take to keep your data and financials safe and secure at all times. 

When your IT needs are more than what you can handle, a Security Operations Center might be your solution


If your IT needs have become so important and complex that your in-house team can no longer manage everything you need them to do, you might opt to turn to a trusted Security Operations Center (SOC). In simple terms, a SOC is a place where people, processes, and technology are employing continuous monitoring techniques in order to respond, prevent, and detect threats against your network of data and systems.

Instead of expecting one or two internal IT personnel trying to manage your data’s security and stability by themselves, a SOC is comprised of a team of security experts working around the clock to protect your infrastructure and data integrity securely and promptly.

Integrated Solutions’ SOC model is what companies are increasingly leveraging to ensure their network is as secure from attacks as possible. Integrated Solutions of Birmingham has been around for 25 years and is one of the most experienced cybersecurity companies in the state. 


You need an outsourced solution for all of your IT needs, not just security and safety. You need a Managed IT solution 


“Managed IT services” is a popular term you might be hearing a lot about right now. For years, it was typical for a corporate philosophy to be that all IT operations should live in-house. But what companies are finding in an ever-increasingly complex data environment is that implementing IT solutions on your own is pretty tough. 

Outsourcing your IT services to firms that do this exclusively has become, and will continue to become, quite commonplace for many operations because of the many benefits they provide.

An outsourced or managed IT company can benefit you in the following ways:

  1. Recommend and implement new technologies that will vastly benefit your particular business niche.
  2. Handle the troubleshooting involved with optimally running a network so that your team of employees is always up and running.
  3. Look for bottlenecks or areas of your network that are slowing down users or making inefficient use of your IT infrastructure, costing you time and money.

Look to Integrated Solutions today to handle all of your organization’s IT needs


Need help managing your company’s IT challenges but are reluctant to hire more employees? At Integrated Solutions, you get the expertise of an entire team of IT specialists without dealing with new employee benefits and salaries. We offer our services at a low monthly fee, and when a problem does arise, our team of experts has the required skills to deal with it expertly and swiftly. 

With the benefit of managed IT support, you and your team can focus on the work you do best and leave your worries at the door. For more information or a free analysis of your current IT infrastructure, visit us here or give us a call at (205) 314-3444