how to become HIPAA compliant in Alabama

How to Comply with HIPAA in Alabama

Handling data in the healthcare profession can come with great risk. Medical practices must now set the protection of data as one of their highest priority because hackers have made medical organizations their number one target.  As part of the … Continued

IT support for Law Firms

How Do Law Firms Protect Customer Data and Documents?

Data protection is a major concern for all businesses because the impact of losing client data can be very costly. However, protecting client data properly is especially important for law firms, who need advanced IT support because of the highly … Continued

How to Develop a Cutting-Edge Business Continuity Plan

How to Develop a Cutting-Edge Business Continuity Plan

IT disasters such as malicious cyberattacks, natural disasters, and extended periods of unexpected downtime can have detrimental impacts on any business and in many cases even ruin them. A business continuity plan is essential for any business that wants to … Continued

The Art of IT Service - IT Services - MSP Company - Integrated Solutions

The Art of IT Service

Information Technology now dominates almost every part of our daily lives and in most cases, we do not have to think or worry the outcomes. We trust that what we input on our phones, keyboards and tablets will result in … Continued

Are Your Portable Devises Safe - Integrated Solutions - MSP Company - IT Services

Are Your Portable Devices Safe?

Over the last few years, cell phones have become computers, capable of much of the functionality that your office computer has. This is also true for small portable devices such as iPads, Windows and Android tablets. Are these devices and … Continued