hacker in a dark hoodie holds a tablet surrounded by glitchy pixels

Why Cyber Attacks Are Spiking—and How to Stop Them

Businesses and their employees are facing an increasing threat. Over the month of March, one company tracked the frequency of cyberattacks as growing by 37%, while phishing attempts increased by a staggering 600%. This drastic increase in cyber crime is … Continued

Man with a mustache works remotely from home on a laptop while sitting on a couch

How to Create a Remote Workforce

Recent developments in the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) have necessitated the urgent transition to a remote workforce for many businesses. Current regulations in and out of the U.S. range from recommendations to limit social contact to government-mandated quarantines. Even if … Continued

how to become HIPAA compliant in Alabama

How to Comply with HIPAA in Alabama

Handling data in the healthcare profession can come with great risk. Medical practices must now set the protection of data as one of their highest priority because hackers have made medical organizations their number one target.  As part of the … Continued

IT support for Law Firms

How Do Law Firms Protect Customer Data and Documents?

Data protection is a major concern for all businesses because the impact of losing client data can be very costly. However, protecting client data properly is especially important for law firms, who need advanced IT support because of the highly … Continued