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Does Your Practice Have Company Email?

By: Curtis Woods C.O.O. & Jeremy Beck Director of Sales and Business Development at Integrated Solutions LLC Does your practice have company email or does it depend on employees using their personal email accounts for business purposes? While we believe everyone

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Dangers in the Cloud

BY JANE EHRHARDT “Being in the cloud means you may have other companies using that same platform, because you’re sharing a server,” says Randy Rupp, security and compliance analyst with ICS Medtech. “If one of those companies is not secure,

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Internet Usage in your Company

By Ron Prevatte Director of Sales and Business Development with Integrated Solutions in Technology The internet is a necessary part of the healthcare world today. This forces us to deal with the issue of managing employee Internet usage which can

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Are Your Text Messages HIPPA Compliant?

Most clinic administrators have lost sleep wondering if their doctor’s texts are HIPAA Compliant. Is it okay for the doctor to receive and send sensitive patient data over their phone? What if they lose their phone?

So, are your doctor’s text messages secure and compliant? The answer under the HIPAA guidelines is

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Basic IT Components Of A Medical Office

By: Jeremy Beck, Director of Sales and Business Development with Integrated Solutions Most IT articles are too technical. Others are simply a sales pitch to tell you that you need to move to the cloud. Others simply describe new technology

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By: Jeremy Beck Director of Sales and Business Development at Integrated Solutions noun: ransomware; 1. a type of malicious malware/software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. Recent Cases The Tewksbury, Mass. police department was

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